Re-Elect for Jen White as Mayor of Nyack on November 3, 2015

Re-Elect Doug Foster as Nyack Trustee on November 3, 2015


By Jen White

It is that time again…Election 2013 and I am asking to be re-elected as your Mayor.

Just a year ago, we faced the devastation of Sandy, a shock to all of us in it’s fearsome

destructiveness. Never have I been more in awe of Nyack as we all stood together near

the steps of Village Hall to support each other, help each other and share what we

knew. In those moments, and it holds true today, I felt unbelievably proud to be the

Mayor of a place so filled with selfless compassion and generosity and I ask for you to

extend that honor to me again. I truly believe that, as a Village, and despite some

desperate hard times, we are substantially better off today then we were a year and a

half ago. We have rebuilt from two epic storms, worked our way through a crushing

recession while beautifying our little Village and reducing the tax burden on our property

owners. It has been hard work but satisfying work and we have accomplished a lot:

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