Taxes went up 9% and go up at a rate higher than inflation every year. What will you do about this?

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  1. Doug Foster says:

    The Village is in a fundamentally precarious budget situation with such a small tax base. A very small drop in revenues has a large impact on property taxes.

    There is no simple solution, and it will require more than one strategy to protect from future significant tax increases. The Village must take a hard look at its expenditures and the way it manages itself. Currently there is no staff with management experience, and residents can not depend on a part time Mayor on a 2 year election cycle to properly manage the departments. First we need to look at improving management.

    The Village also needs to increase its ratables on property, and this must be done by encouraging smart growth. The permitting process needs to be streamlined, and potential investors need to be encouraged. This does not mean growth at any cost. Nyack must retain its character and charm while encouraging renovations and new development.

    Third, Nyack can be more creative in finding outside money, primarily from Albany and DC.

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