Doug Foster’s Closing Statement

My name is Doug Foster, and after giving a tremendous amount of time volunteering for our Village, I decided to run for Trustee.

Nyack needs a change, and voters are lucky to have 3 new, capable candidates running for the two open trustee seats.

So why vote for me?  I’ll give you 4 good reasons:

  1. Experience
  2. Vision
  3. Positive attitude
  4. Smart Plan

Reason 1 – Experience

I bring 15 years of professional experience in local government.  After getting my Masters degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Cornell, I worked for the City of Ithaca in the Planning Department on:

  • Master Planning
  • Economic Development
  • Parking Studies
  • Parking Garages
  • Parks and Recreation

I’ve been to hundreds of public meetings, and also know how to run them.

Plus, you’ll get the extra bonus of my being a web developer, and having built municipal websites.

Reason 2 – Vision

I can step back, see the big picture, and effectively communicate what the issues are. The Village has a structural deficit. We have urban issues without the budget to support them.

We MUST address this structural deficit or we can’t build a sustainable future.  Consolidation of services and possibly governments with South and Upper Nyack is necessary to achieve sustainability.

Reason 3 – Positive attitude

I know there’s negativity about a combined Nyack.  People say it’s been this way for a long time and can’t change.

I disagree.  I’ve talked to MANY South and Upper Nyackers that want One Nyack.

It needs to happen one step at a time.  There’s a new State initiative with  “NON-COMPETITIVE” grants to study the consolidation of services and/or governments.  Who’s against getting more information at no cost? No one I know. I’ve  always been able to get things done with a positive attitude.

Reason 4 – My five point plan

I’ve spelled out a specific plan.  Here are the top priorities:

  1. Improve our decision making process
  2. Investigate structural changes, starting with consolidation
  3. Bring openness and transparency to our residents
  4. Improve management
  5. Encourage Economic Development

If you elect me, I’ll use my experience, my vision and my positive attitude to implement the plan I’ve spelled out.