Journal News Endorses Doug and Jen

Doug and Jen are honored to get the endorsement from the Journal News.

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Steve Knowlton, Esq.
Chairman, Nyack Zoning Board of Appeals

As the volunteer Chairman of the Nyack Zoning Board of Appeals for nearly a decade, I have had the pleasure of working closely with the Trustees on Land Use and other issues. Based on my experience in our Village government I strongly endorse Jen White and Doug Foster for Trustee.

Both Jen and Doug worked on the Mayor’s Task Force on the Redevelopment of the Downtown Superblock, which I chaired. Both had insightful comments which helped frame the final recommendations. I’ve known Jen for 10 years and am always amazed at her energy and “can-do” attitude. I am privileged to be able to call her my friend. Doug, while new to the Village, has a planning background that can only enhance his performance as a Trustee.

The Village needs new energy on the Board. These two will provide it in spades!

Bob and Nan Gundersen

Bob and I are giving Doug and Jen our endorsement because we feel they’ll bring a well reasoned approach, vision, two very different sets of skills, and some rich experience to help our community deal with some of the complex issues that we’re faced with today.

Although they’ll be running on the Democratic line, we don’t view them as partisan. Rather, we see them as folks who are capable of doing consensus-building and can hopefully, by their example, inspire more of us to want to get involved in the affairs of our village.

Rockland County Legislator

by Connie Coker

As residents of Nyack, Jen White and Doug Foster have been energetically involved in solving the problems of their community. As Trustees they will bring to Village government their special combination of practicality and creativity.

Because I live in S. Nyack and serve as a County Legislator, I am well aware that the viability of the Nyack arts and business community is integral to the well being of all the residents of Nyack and to the whole County. Jen and Doug are exactly what Nyack needs during these challenging times.

Terry Hekker

I am proud to endorse Doug Foster and Jen White.  They offer hope for Nyack, which needs new and competent leadership.

Nyack’s Very Best

by Jan Degenshein

Doug and Jen individually and collectively possess the energy, concern, business knowledge, experience and leadership skills to not only openly discuss the complex issues of governance, but to arrive at a plan of action in a democratic way, and – most importantly – to carry out that plan of action.

Each cares no less than any of the very best candidates who – over decades – had preceded them and held office. What distinguishes Doug and Jen is the innate ability to fulfill the goals, ambitions and dreams of this very special community of Nyack.

Peter Klose

As Nyack faces a cross-roads, we need dedicated, trained, hard working people to make the tough decisions, work hard and get it “right.” I personally believe that Jen White’s vision for the Parks, and Doug Foster’s dedication as a Planner will bode well for the future of Nyack.

Hendrik Hertzberg

Jen White had me at ’Hi, I’m Jen White.’ It doesn’t matter what she’s running for. Village Board, Governor, President. Whatever. And if Doug Foster is all right with Jen White, then Doug Foster is all right with me.


Doug Foster and Jen White will both make terrific Trustees. They are thoughtful and open-minded about the issues, passionate and enthusiastic about the village we all love, innovative and creative problem-solvers, and proven team players.

Nancy Blaker Weber

Doug Foster will be an excellent addition to the Village Board. With his extensive background in planning, fresh perspective and enthusiasm for Nyack he will be a great asset to the Village.

Jen White has worked tirelessly on behalf of both the Parks Conservancy and the Parks Commission for years. Her work ethic and dedication to the Village is truly amazing. She has great ideas and the Village will definitely benefit from her involvement with Village policy.

Nancy Blaker Weber