Taxes went up 9% and go up at a rate higher than inflation every year. What will you do about this?

Priorities: Anonymous

1. Lack of downtown vision and center
2. Need for a village manager
3. Better parking management
4. Munimeters-why?

Priorities: Anonymous

1. Government and merchants working together for common goals
2. Cohesiveness between reidents and merchants-on one path for the good of community
3. A healthy business community leads to a happy, strong village
4. Goal for Nyack to be a destination
5. Gate to Arts&Culture

Priorities: Anonymous

1. Crumbling Infrastructure
2. Signage
3. Vision

Priorities: Joe Truensa

1.    Infrastructure (true capital planning)

2.   Maintaining RS/healthy business district (not necessarily the same issue)

3.   Nyack Government-management of village employees

3.a. employees given direction/clear objectives regarding performance

3.b. stronger management/hands on direction of dept. heads re: budget

4.  Implementation of budgetary controls

4.i.e. purchase orders for over budget expenditures

Priorities: Chris Carroll

1.  Crime

2.  Gang activity

3.  Planning

4.  After hours shenanigans (when bars close)

5.  Empty storefronts

Priorities: Liz Carroll

1.  Empty storefronts

2.  Park space–NOT parking, parks!

3.  No market in town

4.  Support plans for Riverspace

5.  Violent crime

Priorities: Peter Klose

  1. Improving the downtown including business opportunities, parking and upscale residential/mixed use
  2. Improving the waterfront including Memorial Park and Marina
  3. Riverspace