No Trains, Buses, Or Bikes? No Bridge!

by Jen White

After nine years of meetings, hearings and research, Governor Cuomo’s request to have the reconstruction of the Tappan Zee Bridge fast tracked was approved last week.  The members of the public and the local officials who participated in years of meetings were shocked that the final plan dismissed the need for public transportation that they expressed.

On Thursday, October 27th, the Federal Transportation Authority will present their plan for the reconstruction of the Tappan-Zee Bridge in the Adler room at the Palisades Mall.  The meeting is from 4:00pm until 9:00pm.  I will be there to express my opposition to a construction scope that has inadequate public transportation, has rejected years of public comment and jeopardizes our waterfront.  I urge you to join me.

The plan that has been released by the Federal government is a betrayal to the spirit of public comment and participatory democracy.   If we fail to show up in large numbers, we are surrendering our ability to shape the final stages of this project.  Even more alarming, our failure to turn out for this hearing will send the message that it’s acceptable for the State and Federal government to ignore us.   If we fail to boldly assert our interests at this critical moment, we are placing the fate of our village into the hands of others.

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Doug Foster 2011 Announcement for Trustee

I have been honored to serve the Village as a Trustee for the last year and a half. I believe that my background and experience as a professional urban planner, head of non-profit boards, and database/web developer gives me the “tools” to be a useful member of our Village’s management team.

The Village Board’s success in the last year and a half has been a team effort, but I would like to highlight several personal contributions.

First, right after starting as a Board member, budget season was upon us and the Village had a structural deficit and a departing Treasurer, who contained most of the Village’s institutional knowledge on Budget and Administration. In order to get and understanding of our financial situation, I built a dynamic budget document that identified “discretionary” line items and integrated all variables into the property tax formula so we could instantly see what the impact would be on the tax rate. With a “natural” tax increase of over 13%, it was the only way to identify opportunities to trim the budget and understand the impact on property owners. In that first year, it took a great effort to keep the property tax increase under 9%. Even at the April 2010 Board meeting where we passed the 2010/11 budget, we were making changes and could instantly see the impact on the tax rate moments before we passed the budget. Our Village Treasurer still uses this document.

Starting with the invitation by Bob and Nan Gundersen, I spearheaded the formation of the Downtown Marketing Committee, which started an ongoing discussion and planning between merchants and Village Hall. Jen White has taken over the next version of that group and this dialogue is critical to manage issues like the impact of the streetscape improvements, safety/noise issues, local ordinances and the review process, marketing/branding Nyack, etc.

All Village Board members, and many community members, have worked on the “Superblock” planning, but I provided overall management to the project on behalf of the Village. I believe this planning of the core of our downtown is perhaps the cornerstone project to define Nyack’s future over the next 100 years. Whatever the outcome, our community has an opportunity to define its future.

Our initial priority upon election in 2010 was to stabilize the Village budget and overall administration. Now under the competent hand of our Village Administrator, our debt consolidation to remove our structural deficit, and creation of critical policies/procedures, we can focus more effort on planning and building Nyack’s future.


Doug Foster’s Closing Statement

My name is Doug Foster, and after giving a tremendous amount of time volunteering for our Village, I decided to run for Trustee. Nyack needs a change, and voters are lucky to have 3 new, capable candidates running for the two open trustee seats. So why vote for me?  I’ll give you 4 good reasons: […]

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Sign at Riverspace

On Oct. 30, including Halloween, the sign was on Riverspace’s marquee.

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Journal News Endorses Doug and Jen

Doug and Jen are honored to get the endorsement from the Journal News. CLICK HERE to read the endorsement, or read on.

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Nyack Auto

Sign at Nyack Auto

On Oct 29, the sign was at Nyack Auto at the corner of N. Franklin and High.

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Action Plan for Nyack

By Doug Foster The Village of Nyack is rich with assets such as our vibrant downtown, scenic waterfront, diverse residents, strong sense of community, and a wonderful mix of residential, commercial and institutional development. Unfortunately, over the decades the Village has developed a structural deficit, where our tiny, balkanized tax base is unable to sustain […]

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Practical Party

by Jen White Nyack needs to change. We have no business playing the game of partisan politics. There is just too much work to do. We live in a Village with crumbling sidewalks and not enough tax revenue, with empty storefronts and an underutilized waterfront. There are pockets everywhere of people who feel unheard and […]

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Main and 9W

Nyack First Sign at Main and 9W

On Oct. 26, the sign was at the corner of Main St. and 9W.

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First Ave.

nyack first sign on first ave

On Oct 24 the sign was at Nancy and Fred Weber’s on First Ave.

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