Jen White

Jen White for Nyack Village BoardJen White has lived in Nyack for ten years. She moved here from Manhattan with her husband Rich and is currently raising two boys, Jack (10) and Luke (7) and is the proud stepmother to two big college kids Caroline and Clay. Prior to motherhood, Jen worked for CBS News as both a producer and correspondent.

Before joining CBS News as a producer for Connie Chung, Jen worked for HBO, ABC News, as well as on a nationally syndicated health show and a number of independent projects and television commercial projects produced through her own company. While at CBS she was lucky enough to produce for talent as diverse as Charles Kuralt, Dan Rather and Gen Norman Schwarzkopf.

Jen currently serves on the Nyack Park Commission and is one of the founders of the Nyack Park Conservancy.  Locally, she has served on the boards of the Hopper House and Riverspace and has advised many local and state