Here is our current platform, which we are still formulating, and will flesh out in more detail soon.  Please voice your ideas by posting an issue:

Create better access to information (transparency) so ALL Nyack residents are easily informed and can be heard.

  • New Village website — Postings of meetings, minutes, agendas, budgets, etc. to be updated and posted in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Open and respectful tone in community dialogue – embrace the diversity of our people and uses.
  • Better public access through TV/Radio
  • Important information posted on Internet in a timely way (minutes, agendas in advance, reports, understandable budget)

Improve Village Management

  • Analyze organizational structure; consider a Village administrator
  • Streamline public meetings
  • Better oversight of Village Departments
  • Streamline development process (ARB, PB, guidelines, parking requirement, Affordable housing) – An encouraging and inviting environment for shoppers, store owners, developers, tenants, long time residents.
  • Develop capital plan

Smart/Responsible development and Village improvements

  • Downtown Superblock redevelopment — The Village needs to change its role from an obstacle-builder to a problem solver.  For three years there has been a motivated developer for the superblock and the Village has done little to act as a partner to move the process forward.
  • Parks/Waterfront – Nyack has an amazing asset with its waterfront, which is in sorry shape.
  • Other Development-Pavion — Pavion is another example where the Village has done little to assist the property owner to invest in the property.
  • Zoning changes — The Village needs to move quickly to pass the proposed zoning ordinance, in order to improve the building review process.  There are issues to resolve, but the process, which has lagged for a year,  should be expedited.

Finding creative ways to enhance Village revenues

  • Shared services with surrounding communities (public works, possibly Police)
  • Grant writing/Other revenue sources